Our Sports Performance programme was created by T2 founder Stu Gatherum in 2017 to help enhance athletic performance and deliver results for a client’s sporting career.

Using his 13 years of personal training experience and seven years as a fitness education provider – in which he’s qualified over 500 personal trainers – Stu uses his extensive knowledge and research to design a sport-specific, periodised programme that provides professional and amateur athletes with the tools, support and guidance to train towards greater success in their sporting career. 

Working with the client, Stu will look to improve baseline capacity in endurance, power, strength and speed, as well as address any fundamental biometric intricacies that are preventing the client reaching his or her full potential. The result: a master plan that’s going to make the client stronger, faster, sharper and more powerful. 


We have three options for our Sports Performance programme. Working in conjunction with your sporting schedule, we believe that two training sessions a week is the perfect balance of additional training without fatiguing the client for games or training with coaches.


  • Quick-hitting results, a ‘top-up’ to any additional training commitments 

  • A targeted approach to one or two key objectives

  • For clients working towards short deadlines

  • Two training sessions a week 

  • Training kit


  • Rounded approach to making a distinct change and improvement in performance 

  • Three to four key objectives

  • Mid-duration deadlines

  • Recovery guide plan

  • Insight from data offered from training, matches/fights/games analysed and incorporated into plan

  • Two training sessions a week 

  • Training kit


  • A comprehensive range of targets and a holistic approach

  • Five to six key objectives

  • A transformational difference over four months

  • Recovery guide plan

  • Mobility guide plan

  • Insight from data offered from training, matches/fights/games analysed and incorporated into plan

  • Two training sessions per week 

  • Training kit

"I cannot recommend Stu highly enough. Since working with him, there has been a considerable change in my body and my conditioning. The attention to detail and specialised training I’ve received is the best I’ve ever had and Stu has the characteristics you want from an S&C coach. I have no doubt any athlete will progress immensely from working with him."

Nathan Thompson

Defender for Portsmouth Football Club


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